Getting Back with Author Heather Porter and Jenny McCarthy

I had such a great afternoon at the Peninsula recently celebrating the publication of Heather Porter’s new book Body Back. When we last met, Heather was just finishing up the book, and I had a lot of fun learning about what life is like for a glamorous English mom living in Dubai, along with some unexpected little details that one must tend to to get a book completed for release on three continents. I like to call Body Back an almanac of tips and strategies for literally getting oneself “back” after having a baby. Heather is lovely and proper to the point you almost can’t imagine that she too endures the daily ups and downs of motherhood, but she does, and those moments are what convinced her to write the book, that she notes essentially combines thirty or more books into one.

I’ve always loved Jenny McCarthy for being such a hilarious hot chick. At the tea we had so much fun talking real girl talk at our table, which included Jenny and Heather’s tips on teaching kids practical skills in this day and age, how we met our husbands, what it’s like for Jenny to be on the dating scene – I offered to find her a fabulous husband like MPH, at which point she revealed that she has hopes for her new romance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her – but the offer stands. Jenny brought along Executive Director Candace Mcdonald of Generation Rescue, a group that Jenny presides over as President, which helps find healing for children with autism. Jenny has been very public with her son’s diagnosis and has admirably strived to share information with the public about autism. We learned a bit about GenRescue, how to get our Body Back, and laughed a LOT.

In honor of the launch of Body Back, Heather is generously donating 20% of proceeds from book sales on her website to Generation Rescue – be sure to use the code provided!

9 Responses to “Getting Back with Author Heather Porter and Jenny McCarthy”

  1. Jeannine Says:

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    Such a lovely and fun time we had! Heather Porter is a doll and beautiful and Jenny is just great!

  2. momfluential Says:

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    Looks like a lovely luncheon. Wish I could have been there! I'll have to check out the book. Is there a time limit on getting your body back. I mean, four yrs… that's not too long right?

  3. beverlyhillsmom Says:

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    Um, well, no – it's five years now for me, and I'm just now able to focus on anything remotely like getting back ;P

  4. Megan Says:

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    Ooh, I need this book!

  5. Shannon Colleary Says:

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    I got my body back and then I lost it again.

  6. @Eva_Smith Says:

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    You guys look so beautiful and relaxed. I love Jenny too. She's one of the few Hollywood moms that is just a Real and lets it all out with no regrests. I'll definitely take a look at the book.

  7. domesticcrusader Says:

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    What a lovely afternoon!!

  8. sweetnlow121 Says:

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    I have yet to get my body back! Is there still hope for me? Looks lovely…wasn't able to make it so it's great to read your recap : )

  9. Jack Says:

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