Summer Art & Events Inspire

Dear reader, what a summer we’re having! If you follow my Twitter stream, you know I haven’t deserted y’all – My Perfect Husband (now also known as the BeverlyHillsDad!), the Critter and I have really been enjoying all the activities and events we possibly can, because you know how we love people, style, and fun. I have found inspiration in so many places – one day it’s an exciting movie screening or party or art project or planting a garden and lying in the grass looking at the sky. I am cherishing every cute moment with my Critter before he heads to kindergarten in the fall, and finally had time to share some photos of stuff we’ve been doing only because he and dad have gone camping in Yosemite for four days. Up this weekend – the PBS Press Tour, where I will be able to preview the fall lineup and stalk Martha Stewart.

*Note – to view photos in large format, click on thumbnail, then click on photo in attachment page 😉

27 Responses to “Summer Art & Events Inspire”

  1. Jeannine Says:

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    what a fun, colorful summer you're having!

  2. Andrea Says:

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    We must hula hoop again sometime sista! It looks like you are having a lovely summer 🙂

  3. Sharon Greenthal Says:

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    It looks like you're having a terrific summer, and you're making memories, too! Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  4. Amelia Says:

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    Those cupcakes are such a cool idea! Love!

  5. OCMomActivities Says:

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    Now that is one packed summer! Love it!

  6. Jasmine Forte Says:

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    Love Love Love all the great pics! So colorful!

  7. Shannon Colleary Says:

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    I love that photo gallery. Is that an app bc I'd love to use it. I am feeling a little lame when I look at everything you've done this summer, but you've also given me some great ideas. Thanks, sweets.

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  9. sweetnlow121 Says:

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    Aw….love the photos and most importantly that we got to experience some of this together! My son adores hanging with yours!

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