Blue Whales, Green Watershed, and Penguins!

Our first day after summer school was to head down to the Aquarium of the Pacific to learn about blue whales and to go on a whale watching tour. We had the pleasure of boarding ship with Yvonne, Courtney, Shelby, and Adrienne, all moms with kids in tow. I have posted six videos of our experience of seeing a cow and calf off the Palos Verdes Peninsula – a really amazing thing to behold! To be so close to this gigantic ancient creature with our babies, well, it was special. In the video above you can see how close our boat came to the two, and you can also hear Courtney and I going crazy to get our boys to watch them! We loved it, and I think it’s a wonderful thing to experience with or without your five year old.

It was Critter and his partner in crime to go crazy when we got to the new Penguin Habitat – we couldn’t stop laughing and watching these funny birds, they are such little characters. In the photos you can also see the cool Watershed Exhibit, which helps you understand the relationship of the earth with water on a local level – count us in as big fans of learning about the ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific! We have many more hours of exhibits to discover there.

6 Responses to “Blue Whales, Green Watershed, and Penguins!”

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