The Value of Public Television

When the Critter was about eighteen months old I found this Feist video on He was completely enraptured by it! I now had five minutes to go to the bathroom or make a phone call and know that my wee one was entertained. But that was only the beginning of the benefit of this discovery – The Critter counted to four AND sang the Whoaaaaa part of the song, the first time either happened, EVER! This was the beginning of many special moments of discovery with the furry and funny monsters that I will always remember, and in which my baby began his education – I credit this program and others on PBS with his ease (so far) in learning to read in kindergarten.

Since then I have developed a relationship with programming and people at PBS and write about them frequently. I believe that there is no more valuable resource for our children AND adults to learn and broaden horizons.

Government needs to trim fat, but our public television is not fat. It is the steak on the plate in a sea of potatoes. Support PBS!

3 Responses to “The Value of Public Television”

  1. ginabad Says:

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    My daughter has autism, and PBS has brought the joy of watching my speechless 3yo suddently spelling TUBA and GUITAR on her own, with no letter assistance, after watching "Word World". I love PBS!

  2. @undefined Says:

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    I love reading that comment, Gina – my son was not ultimately diagnosed as Autistic, but he has a few behaviors on the spectrum. I am a true believer that the programming was SO helpful. Make sure your circles know how important PBS is xoxo

  3. ginabad Says:

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    Absolutely! I truly love PBS.