Ladies who Lunch with Disney Pixar’s Katherine Sarafian

Super deluxe thanks to the folks at Disney Pixar for inviting me to lunch at Four Seasons Beverly Hills with the very amazing producer of BRAVE Katherine Sarafian. If you ever wonder how the eighteen year veteran of Pixar mom of two manages to drive a blockbuster animated film’s production while pregnant, you’ll be pleased to know that Katherine suffers all the issues we all have – having enough time with family, getting everyone to school on time, and her fear of potluck supper ( she was thrilled to know that she can just give some money to the organizer mom!). I really enjoyed talking with her on how LONG it takes to develop an animated character – it took almost two YEARS for the animators to nail down that fabulous flowing red hair that the heroine of BRAVE has.

Upon arriving home, the Critter and I immediately opened the wonderful gift of the DVD BluRay combo pack I was given and watched the film – it’s amazing! The animation could not be more flawless – it’s a visual fantasy feast for everyone. Don’t worry, you can get your home version on November 13th!

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