PBS and Chris Mann – Perfect Pairing


Y’all know my history with Chris Mann, and you know how much I love PBS, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got the invitation from Barbara at One2One Network to attend the taping of his upcoming PBS Special! I went to Sony last night and watched and listened to him BRING IT for four hours, and I can assure you the special will be something…special. I thought this about Chris since the first night I heard him play and am so happy to see all the great things that have happened since then – that he’s in the skilled hands of the production people at PBS is also very reassuring. I know that they’ll “get” him and create a wonderful program with all his hard work. His voice is in top condition, and every note her delivers is rich and clear. My favorite songs he performed? Cuts from his new album Roads: My Way ( Frank Sinatra and his grandad would be proud), and Cuore (it really doesn’t matter if you know what he’s saying, just close your eyes and listen). After seeing this special you will also want to add his Christmas album to your permanent collection – his version “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” is just amazing.

Here we are together after the show – I got to give him a hug and tell him how happy I am for all he’s achieved since that night at Genghis Cohen

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  1. @DesireeEaglin Says:

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    Fantastic picture!

  2. Christina Simon Says:

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    Awesome photo! You look so great next to him! Sounds like a super-fun event!

  3. Carpool Goddess Says:

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    Great photo! When is the special?

  4. Shelby Barone Says:

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    You look fabulous…as always!!

  5. walkingpapers Says:

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    Cool pic! Looks like fun….

  6. Lorena Costino Says:

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    Cute! Love the pic 🙂