Art and Politics kick off BeverlyHillsMom’s 2013

Happy New Year to you, my faithful readers! First on my 2013 agenda was to by get involved and support Nancy Krasne for our local city council election. I believe she is the BEST candidate for our city – she is the one I know is reading ALL the lines and in between to make sure our city stays safe, prosperous, and the amazing little place that it is. If you are a citizen of Beverly Hills, I URGE you to read the story I wrote about Nancy and look into supporting her. You will also enjoy the videos above of Nancy speaking formally and informally at her 2013 Campaign kickoff, as well as a few clips of New York Times bestselling author Brittney Ryan telling her stories of why she supports Nancy.

Tonight I am attending the VIP Opening Celebration of the LA Art Show for the second year – remember the fun we had last year? I look forward to seeing what’s been happening in the art world, and the Critter is super excited to take another painting class with Alexandre Renoir, hosted by Beverly Hills’ own wonderful Galerie Michael. LA Art Show events run through January 27th, so there’s plenty of time to get your art on!

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