The New Guy on Sesame Street – Mando!

I was one lucky mommy today – I was one of the first people to see the newest character on Sesame Street here at the PBS Annual Meeting! A huge search was undertaken to find the perfect person to join the cast and Ismael Cruz Cordova is THE guy.

I got to talk to Ismael after this adorable performance about Spanish words that sound alike and I can see why he was chosen. I will post ALL about it soon – enjoy the video of Mando and Rosita and all will be revealed when I get back to the ‘hood.

3 Responses to “The New Guy on Sesame Street – Mando!”

  1. Anne Louise Bannon Says:

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    Awesome. It's always fun when Sesame Street adds a new character, although they could use more females. A lot more females

  2. @alexandra90210 Says:

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    Anne Louise – You will be happy to know that Peg + Cat is debuting this fall – not only is it a show with a lead female character, but the show is about MATH!

  3. Matt Steiner Says:

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    This is great. It's so interesting to see how Sesame Street has grown more ethnically/culturally inclusive over time. But I do agree with Anne's comment – there definitely need to be more female characters.