Counting Blessings at Summer’s End

Thank you all for all your kindnesses, comforting comments and private messages with regard to my last post. Your support really has helped me to get back to the business of being me and taking care of my family. In loading these photos that might have been posted back in June, I realize how much we pack into a short time, and we have MANY more happy occasions to report on than sad.
I would say that the ultimate highlight of the season was the marriage of my beautiful friend Tammi Jones to the handsome Michael Tanaka of Atlanta. Tammi, being the elegant event planner that she is, hosted one of the most beautiful and FUN weddings I have attended in my life. Beyond the gorgeous setting at he foot of the Hollywood Hills was the kickass DJ, delectable dinner and adorable kids’ table – we danced the night away with some of my bffs and took home memories for a lifetime. Bittersweet is that Mrs. Tanaka has relocated to Atlanta, but we can always visit!

Other gracious invitations we were fortunate to accept were: PBS SoCal hosting us to see Sesame Street Live!, a sexy brunch hosted by Beats by Dre, shopping day at the Children’s Place, Natalee Thai’s hosting of twenty of my bloggy pals to try their summer menu, and an adorable Paris themed birthday party for the Critter’s pal Miss Strawberry.

Coming soon: PBS Press Tour, Steve Songs at the Levitt Pavillion, and whale watching this Thursday. Remember when we went last year? Getting to Long Beach by 8:30 am will be a practice run for what it will be like to have to rise early again in preparation for back to school next week. First grade may be the perfect time to give my Critter a new nickname. More on this later – thanks again for your support xoxo

4 Responses to “Counting Blessings at Summer’s End”

  1. Leila Says:

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    Beautiful pics!!!

  2. Ascending Butterfly Says:

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    Challenges unfortunately and sadly really do help us appreciate the good times that much more. Memories are indeed priceless and we must strive to make of them than money because sadly at the end all you want is time. Time to create memories that is why we have to treasure each moment we get. Looks like you got some good times and great memories into this summer and that is what counts!

  3. bohemianbabushka Says:

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    The glass is always 1/2 full, 'cause at least you've got a glass! ; ) Take it from a vieja who's looked at some of life's tough events- they happen, but look at them and say #JUSOFONII !!! Big hugs; BB2U

  4. Chrystal Says:

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    Sorry to hear about your difficult times. It's very sad when someone passes, but it does help to remember the good times. Those memories are special. Now you have another happy memory to add to the pile with you and your friend Tammi. Lots of fun things on the horizon, so rejoice in that!