A New World with Melissa de la Cruz’s The Ring and The Crown

A wonderful part of blogging is that one never knows where the road will lead, as with attending events – one is often not familiar with the host. I found this to be particularly true on Wednesday when I entered the Boardroom at the Peninsula to join a Royal Tea party to launch The Ring and The Crown, a new book from Melissa de la Cruz. I didn’t know anyone in the stylish group of about twenty, mostly women, who here and there were wearing the fabouche crowns of flowers you see above. You see, I attended the tea for two reasons. One: it was at the Peninsula, and it’s always fabulous there plus I live two blocks away. Two: I could not resist the flower crown on the cover of the invitation to the event. Seeing those girlfriends wearing flowers in their hair and the heartfelt greeting from the hostess made me feel right at home and very happy.

I introduced myself to Wendy Darling, the founder of The Midnight Garden, who was beautiful and kind enough to explain to me what exactly was happening. Turns out I was amongst some of the most successful writers of YA, also known as Young Adult fiction. At least five of the guests were New York Times bestsellers multiple times. I began to feel like I was at the Algonquin – extremely witty successful writers at the top of their game minus the sarcasm and the alcoholism plus goodwill and support. I traded hugs and cards with Wendy, Melissa, Leigh, and Alyson, and hope to be lucky enough to visit with them again. You must now read Wendy’s fabulous post about the event – she is also giving away a copy of the book!

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