I Bombed as the Mystery Reader and Now Have a New Heroine

I bombed as Mystery Reader last week. The Critter tried to be cool when he saw that I would be the surprise grownup who would read to the class that day, but was SO adorably happy that he ran over to hug me. I had carefully selected one of my childhood favorites The Emperor’s New Clothes, and also included his seasonal favorite It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I rehearsed reading the former due to the more antiquated language, and decided to read it first, then to bring down the house with the Great Pumpkin. I was allotted forty minutes to read both, and was confident that I could hold the crowd’s attention.

Boy, was I wrong! The girls loved the Emperor, but the Critter could not have cared less for it, nor could at least half of his male cohorts. I sat in a chair with him beside me, looking at twenty third grade faces sitting on the carpet at my feet, reading my heart out, while he created distractions, thinking that it would help the boys pay more attention. Due to many soul crushing questions about how much longer until we could see the Charlie Brown book caused me to run overtime. They were a tough crowd.

When I saw these Heckerty videos, I thought “I’ll bet SHE never loses an audience.” I love seeing a group of kids engrossed in storytelling and watching Jan Ziff voice the tales of Heckerty, the loveable little witch, definitely raises the bar for my future Mystery Reader endeavors.

Looking over Heckerty’s site, I see that it contains a treasure trove of tools for teachers, kids and parents alike. The Heckerty books, apps, and eBooks are based on a series of children’s stories, originally created and brought to life by Ms. Ziff, one of Britain’s most internationally successful storytellers. Her fabulous English accent is just the thing to enrapture the kiddos, and now that the newest Heckerty app is now available on Amazon Underground (and on iTunes later this month), your child can experience her for free!

6 Responses to “I Bombed as the Mystery Reader and Now Have a New Heroine”

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    What a great story! Thank you for sharing the details on Heckerty. She's such a fun little witch.

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