Mixed is Magnificent

Having just finished writing and illustrating my picture book, I was totally on board when Sonia Kang of Mixed Up Clothing invited me to a MultiCultural Mixer at the ever so stylish Kidville, including a super cute fashion show and Taye Diggs reading his new picture book called Mixed Me.

The event was kicked off by a really thought provoking panel discussing raising multicultural children. The panel included Sonia, Elena Epstein of LA Parent, Christopher Colbert of House of David Church, and Melinda Alexander, all of mixed cultural heritage, or raising children who are mixed. With the exception of a French great great great great great grandmother, my roots are really straight up WASP, as now are my son’s – we are so obviously white, no one ever approaches us and says anything like “What are you?”. Over the years I have had close friends who created mixed families and navigated the waters of doing so, but never have I had my eyes opened with regard to the subject as discussed by the panelists. It hasn’t occurred to me that in this day and age children of mixed race or culture really go through a lot with others questioning them and trying to pigeonhole “what they are”. What I learned is that they do. Parents told of their own stories and those of their children, and I sensed something like relief that there was this kinship in the group. I found the panelists to be frank and real about their experiences raising their children and the bumps in the road, with humor and empathy.

Next up was a fashion show featuring fall fashions from Mixed Up, and I think that some of the most gorgeous children on earth were the models. I had so much fun watching them play in the adorable outfits, then they walked the runway – some serious style mavens! They dazzled us, then the runway became a carpet again and they gathered ’round to listen to Taye read his book. After my bombing out with the grade school set the week before, I was charmed by his command of the kids and the simple lyric of his story. Afterward, I was able to talk to him a bit and have him sign my copy of the book. He was fun and easy going, and I’m excited to have his story in our home.

Thank you so much to Sonia and the sponsors for a colorful day!

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