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Love it when my organizational OCD pays off!

Published on May 1, 2010

Tweet As part of the Big Edit, I had to consolidate all my art media. This was no small task, as I have a lot of it – a lot. Since I have tools and paints, pens, pencils, pastels, acrylics, oils, paintbrushes, watercolors, casein, gold leaf, spray paints, glues, tapes, casting/sculpting supplies, and mixing mediums. […]

Got antiques? Good news!

Published on October 24, 2008

Tweet Bill Rau, president of my beloved M S Rau Antiques in New Orleans says that historically antiques perform well as investments in troubled times. Rau should know – his family has had their shop in the French Quarter for nearly a century. I have visited their beautiful space on Royal Street more times that […]

Abundance of riches – torpor of spirit

Published on August 3, 2008

Tweet Right now I have a couple of hours to do anything I want to do. I have before me: • Beverly Hills Community Services Bulletin – and pore over pages six and seven – I can stress about whether the Critter is properly stimulated prior to entering preschool. • Read I, Rhoda Manning, Go […]

Back when I was single…

Published on April 19, 2008

Tweet …before I met my perfect Husband, I did my share of dating via the internet. I realize that the internet exists for things to move faster and that brevity rules. I really could not get with the online acronyms, but who was I to judge millions who were ROFLing all over the place? I […]

Artist / Mom?

Published on April 18, 2008

Tweet When I was expecting the Critter, I was haunted by the voice of Louise Nevelson in a documentary I saw in design school. I can’t quote her, but she was talking about having children when you’re “on this search” for art and that it’s unkind to put children in in the position of coping […]

“So I’m going to write and illustrate a children’s book, and it will be released by Easter” – Me, circa October 2007

Published on March 11, 2008

Tweet Easter 2009, I meant to say… It really IS coming along nicely, but just like any design project, it has to be researched for content, feasibility, style – fact and fiction have to do their part and get together before I’m able to do the fun part, which is – doing the actual painting. […]