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India Hicks smooths feathers at Scandia Down with Island Life

Published on June 24, 2011

Tweet Barrie darling and I recently attended a fabulous event at Scandia Home, Scandia Down’s luxe new flagship store on Beverly Drive. I swung by the Veranda hosted fete on my way to pick up the Critter from preschool, hoping to meet the lovely and talented India Hicks, the honoree, who was signing her gorgeous […]

Au Revoir, cher Jacques

Published on April 29, 2009

Tweet He was the first purveyor I met on the first day of my first job in Beverly Hills. He showed us the most beautiful fabrics and had a way of describing them and their applications that was irresistible. Behind the descriptions was devastatingly handsome and charming man with an indefinably aristocratic sounding accent – […]

Farrow and Ball introduces sexy new pattern

Published on March 5, 2009

Tweet News via email today from Farrow and Ball – a new paper in their collection, called “Lotus Papers”. I always liked Farrow and Ball’s products, as in the colors and papers are always “correct”. Very conservative on the whole, but always striving to break ground within classical standards. A great example of this is […]

And then again, I could be wrong…

Published on February 19, 2009

Tweet …that luxury is dying in the world of interiors. Behold the tissue paper holders that were forwarded to me today by Judson Rothschild of The Rothschild Collection. I love everything about this line of furniture, as it appeals to my philosophy of intellectual design for modern living. I completely agree with Judson that furniture […]

Another death knell, this time in the world of interior design…

Published on February 18, 2009

Tweet I have been saying for years that the luxurious manner of the interior design business’s days were numbered. The advent of so many do it yourself televisions shows, the internet, and the big box stores have been the killers. Everyone thinks they know how to do what we do. The only real interior design […]

New developments in the world of textiles…

Published on February 11, 2009

Tweet I noticed here that Chella Textiles has launched a new design. It always gives me a little thrill when I see that this company has continued to thrive. I first met Lee Menichella when I was an intern at Tricia Wilson and Associates, my first foray into hospitality design. He was one of my […]

In case you were wondering – I know I was

Published on February 3, 2009

Tweet Where do we get the red carpet? As design professional, I wondered who among the masses of manufacturers gets the “get” of the Presidential Inauguration? According to Mairi Beautyman of INTERIOR DESIGN., the official carpet chosen for the inaugural podium was provided by Bentley Prince Street. I wasn’t surprised, as this is a familiar […]

A Fresh Outlook

Published on January 5, 2009

Tweet Lord has it been a MONTH? I have most diligently updated my “Alexandra Out and About” section ( see? on the right there?) so that you have at least some idea of what’s been going on here in the ‘hood. I have to be honest, dear reader, I have just had other priorities this […]

West Week is coming – Part two

Published on March 25, 2008

Tweet The first day I worked at the glamorous Wilson and Associates office in Beverly Hills, I was asked to copy an entire specification book for a High Roller Suite of the MGM Mansions. It took all day and I was bored stiff. I was a good little copier, though, and I learned an awful […]

West Week is coming – Part one of many

Published on March 18, 2008

Tweet Ah it’s that time of year again, as evidenced by the arrival of the invitation to the always fabulous Kneedler Fauchere for a reception after the Jack Lenor Larsen event… I can remember the first day I ever entered the Pacific Design Center. I was an intern working for Trisha Wilson and Associates in […]