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BeverlyHillsMom and LLS: WinWinLiving

Published on March 16, 2011

Tweet A few months ago, my dear friend Alfred asked me to be a member on his team as he campaigns for the Man of the Year award with the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society. Alfred and I are friends not only as Los Angelenos, but we also hail from the same home town in Mississippi. […]

Michael Jackson’s kids and family sign commemorative belt

Published on May 29, 2010

Tweet When Michael Jackson died I recounted my sadness and recalled that it was much like the day Elvis died. Again the similarities are eerie in the news that a blinged out limited edition commemorative belt has been designed by Simon Tavassoli of bbsimon of Newport Beach. The first belt has the distinction of the […]

More green from back home!

Published on March 18, 2010

Tweet This is a terrific video explaining the insane festival of St Paddy’s Day that happens in my home town every year. As you also know, I have been posting a lot about children’s television programming lately, and this coincides with the Jim Henson exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Kermit was the co […]

A girl and her gays

Published on December 8, 2008

Tweet When my perfect Husband wonders what kinds of things I do when out with my gay friends I can now show him this and know that it explains everything. A girl could never get her hubby to do it like this… Speaking of gays, The Critter’s favorite “uncle” has invited me to go to […]

Road Movie at Hotel Cafe

Published on April 20, 2008

Tweet I saw my first live concert when I was in third grade – Elvis at the Jackson Coliseum. Even a third grader knows Elvis is hot. Then in junior high I would become a concert fiend – KISS, James Taylor, Gino Vanelli, Dan Fogelberg, Rush, Yes, Journey(twice), Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet, Prince, REM, The […]

Artist / Mom?

Published on April 18, 2008

Tweet When I was expecting the Critter, I was haunted by the voice of Louise Nevelson in a documentary I saw in design school. I can’t quote her, but she was talking about having children when you’re “on this search” for art and that it’s unkind to put children in in the position of coping […]

I lost a bet with the Husband…

Published on April 16, 2008

Tweet …that this would be approved so soon. So there goes the neighborhood, until the three year construction period is over, starting with demo in June. I SO dread the dust and wondering what is in the particulate. I suppose the City Council made the best deal for the city that they could, and my […]

I need a fix…

Published on April 14, 2008

Tweet I haven’t posted in so long! It’s not that I haven’t been collecting a bevy of quirky information that I have experienced lately. As a designer and artist I am always seeing the design in things and I have quite a few subjects to share. There’s Easter, construction at the Peninsula, new music and […]

Arleen and the Cheetah

Published on March 14, 2008

Tweet For about a year after I made my permanent move to Los Angeles, I was always stopping people and asking them if they were from New Orleans – or Mississippi. After plenty of “no’s” and way too many – “but don’t I know you?” conversations, it finally dawned on me that all these people […]

Trying to Get Good

Published on March 10, 2008

Tweet One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles is being able to attend movie premieres. Sometimes you come across these invitations by being a fan of someone or something or, after living here awhile, you can’t help but have a friend or two who produce something and you get to see […]