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Weekend in the ‘Hood…

Published on November 10, 2008

Tweet …was mostly NOT in the hood. You know I hate the freeway. My Perfect Husband always jokes that I practically will drive through people’s backyards to shortcut. I realize that millions of people hop on the freeway many times a day and think nothing of it, but for me it’s a Voyage, requiring much […]

Hurrahs and Boos!

Published on October 27, 2008

Tweet I am SO happy today! Two good reasons – it’s almost Halloween, so I can wear this hat while strolling the Critter and dress him a sweatshirt that makes him look like a pumpkin. I get really crazy with costumes and no one is safe once I decide what WE’re going to be, as […]

Luau update

Published on September 8, 2008

Tweet Just in – new pic of the Luau. I was only allowed to photograph the changes to the facade, but I did get to look inside, and let’s just say that Ms Rodkin , true to her jewelry design background, is bringing on the shimmer and sheen – it will be a verrry flattering […]

Bocce and Benjamins in Beverly Hills…

Published on May 16, 2008

Tweet On Tuesday the Critter and I strolled to Roxbury Park and then to lunch with The Chef. On the way, we saw these cars being washed. I’m sure The Husband will want me to say what type of cars they are, and I will as soon as he gets home, but aren’t they tres […]

HOT in the hood…

Published on May 5, 2008

Tweet I know we all are incredibly spoiled by the weather, yet the last few years there have been some unusually high temperatures for a spate of time here and there. My dear Husband goes around like a big bear with a thorn in his paw during these seasons, as we forget too soon once […]

Presidents’ Day in the hood

Published on February 19, 2008

Tweet So I woke up yesterday morning and forgot that it was a National Holiday! Seeing as how the mood in the Atelier is lazy today, we opted to continue the mood and mosey over to Santa Monica to stroll in Palisades Park and then grab an early dinner. I always love to go to […]