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Our Case (In Case You Wondered) – What Beverly Hills REALLY Wants From Metro

Published on December 5, 2014

Tweet Beverly Hills has been greatly demonized as trying to hold back progress and this tells the truth of the matter. I am sure no one in the Greater LA area would want to take the risks with their homes and children that Metro is asking of us. Special Thanks to the Beverly Hills High […]

Election Day Pins and Needles

Published on March 5, 2013

Tweet Election Day is here and it has come SO fast! As you may know, I voted this morning and My Perfect Husband, the Critter and I will join Nancy’s supporters to poll watch tonight. This has been a very exciting election for me – having a child really causes one to connect to the […]

Clearly I’m not happy about this…

Published on March 11, 2011

Tweet …knowing how much I wanted Nancy Krasne to remain in charge of the Council. I Finding it out via this video made it a little less painful, but I really can’t say why. The Courier is really going big with this duo. *comments greatly encouraged on this one

A plea for 9936 Durant Drive

Published on February 28, 2011

Tweet I wrote to the City Council today, hoping to help overturn their vote of 3-2 in favor of allowing the owner at 9936 Durant Drive to demo the building. That is one of the beautiful Hollywood Regency apartment buildings that caused me to fall in love with the neighborhood. There will be a meeting […]

Shedding light on Beverly Hills City Council candidate Nancy Krasne

Published on January 31, 2011

Tweet UPDATE – January 17, 2013: Nancy is running for City Council again on March 5th! Here’s a story that was originally published on January 13, 2011, watch Nancy’s Facebook page for updates on meet and greets and to volunteer support – I have updated the links with election info too! I remember sitting in […]

Art and Politics in the the Hood

Published on March 1, 2009

Tweet I usually leave politics out of my blog. I keep up with local politics fairly well, have served on committees for the City of Beverly Hills, and have endorsed candidates from time to time, but consider this to be my own personal business. I am much more art than politics. Worlds collided with the […]