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Art and Politics kick off BeverlyHillsMom’s 2013

Published on January 23, 2013


Happy New Year to you, my faithful readers! First on my 2013 agenda was to by get involved and support Nancy Krasne for our local city council election. I believe she is the BEST candidate for our city – she is the one I know is reading ALL the lines and in between to make [...]

LAArt Show for Generations of Art Lovers

Published on March 9, 2012

You may recall that Barrie and I went to the LAArtShow Premiere Opening Party awhile back. My Perfect Husband thinks most contemporary art is bulls@*t, and I needed some catch up time with the gay husband, so we made it a downtown night. We started with cocktails and nibbles joined by a couple of Barrie’s [...]

Looking for Inspiration with LA Art Show…

Published on January 17, 2012


I knew that January would be a wash, productively speaking. My little family now has a history of getting sick one after another, usually completely killing off the beginning of the year, and this has been no exception. As a creative, I never can break past worrying about my guys’ (the four legged one too) [...]

BeverlyHillsMom’s Labor Day Weekend 2011 Picks: Being Elmo and Taste of Beverly Hills

Published on September 2, 2011


I know, I know, it’s been a whole MONTH since I shared all the fun stuff going on in our ‘hood, but have no fear there will be a fantastic “What I did for My Summer Vacation” post next week after the Critter goes back to preschool and I can get my schedule going again [...]

A Mom’s view: Yoko Ono at the PBS Press Tour

Published on August 15, 2010


I was initially invited by the amazing folks at PBS to their annual fall press tour to get a preview of their new kids’ programming. I LOVED the new shows and will tell you all about them before they air. I have to say, though, that being invited to sit about fifteen feet from Yoko [...]

Celebrate Art this weekend with “Public Art Party” from ForYourArt

Published on June 2, 2010


I love walking in Beverly Hills. It seems no matter where you are, there is something to interest the aesthetically driven. Award winning man made design is everywhere, and our parks and public spaces contain so many beautiful plants and flowers that a short respite in any one of these spaces could refresh and inspire. [...]

Art and Politics in the the Hood

Published on March 1, 2009


I usually leave politics out of my blog. I keep up with local politics fairly well, have served on committees for the City of Beverly Hills, and have endorsed candidates from time to time, but consider this to be my own personal business. I am much more art than politics.
Worlds collided with the event [...]

Wonder what this would go for at Christies?

Published on September 30, 2008


I created this work of art with the Jackson Pollock tool – a great way to get your clicks!

Random Summer fun not yet posted…

Published on September 3, 2008



Artist / Mom?

Published on April 18, 2008


When I was expecting the Critter, I was haunted by the voice of Louise Nevelson in a documentary I saw in design school. I can’t quote her, but she was talking about having children when you’re “on this search” for art and that it’s unkind to put children in [...]