Getting real with the Princess of Moldavia

Y’all know how much I love it when my current life intersects with the cult iconography of the past. Today was a platinum example of how that happens.

I have very distinct memories of piling up in my college apartment with my roommate, completely freaking out at the season cliffhanger of Dynasty – you may remember the one – when Amanda Carrington’s wedding to the Prince of Moldavia is abruptly (rudely) halted by a military coup, leaving the entire royal wedding party arranged about the floor of the church in a state of unconscious that left us, the enthralled, DYING to know who would live to see the next season.

Flash to how happy I was when my dear design colleague and partner in crime Barrie moved to Malibu after being away from LA for two years. Being the irresistible character he is, he has befriended the real life Amanda Carrington, aka Catherine Oxenberg. He informed me how lovely it’s been getting to know her and her beautiful family as of late, and that she has started writing a blog. I of course raced to the blog to see what she’s been up to, and was impressed with her witty writing.

Today Barrie and Catherine met me at my “office” for a visit before I had to flee for the preschool pickup. Never back in my Dynasty viewing days could I have come up with the scenario that I would get to sit at by a rooftop pool with a view of Beverly Hills, having witty repartee with the princess herself. She was SO much fun to chat with, and about so many things! She told me that she knew not to worry whether her character would come back after the coup by how much blood the props guys put on her while she was lying in the Prince of Moldavia’s arms, and that she actually was proposed marriage by a real prince (she said no). Still radiant without the aid of a plastic surgeon’s knife, she has lived the life of an iconic beauty and royal celebrity (her mother is the Princess of Yugoslavia), yet she remains amused by it in the same way that we all are, and talking with her about it was just like catching up with an old friend.

Especially striking was that she is clearly a devoted wife and mom and loves that part of her extraordinary life better than any royal title or feature role. I could have chatted with her until cocktail time, so I was over the moon when I saw that she blogged about our visit! Thank you Barrie darling for bringing this fun slice of life to me xoxo

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  1. debra Says:

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    What a great moment with a natural beauty!!! And beautifully told… thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. @5minutesformom Says:

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    What a fabulous friend to make — royal, famous or not. Catherine sounds like a wonderful woman!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my post — I just visited Catherine's site and was spellbound by her incredible stories.