MTA’s Character Assasination of Beverly Hills Obscures Truths

This was in my inbox this morning:
Beverly Hills Courier Publisher Clif Smith on the MTA 044712

I’ve tried not to post about the situation that is currently happening with the MTA and Beverly Hills, but the mud has been flung in a way that prompts me to share. We (the citizens of this lovely town) are being assaulted by the MTA’s political minions as an exclusionary, uncaring, classist population who don’t want people from other parts of Los Angeles and that we are fighting to block the tunneling under Beverly Hills High School. I am really glad that Clif Smith, the publisher of the Beverly Hills Courier has loudly begun to take a stand against the project. What to us seems like the most ridiculous disaster on earth is being foisted upon us – our city is fighting it hard.

I am not qualified to comment on Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), however, I know a lot about construction, and the main thing that anyone needs to know about construction is that it is fraught with unplanned problems. The fact that there are OIL WELLS on BHHS property should be enough to detour the project right back to running along major thoroughfares without any discussion. Please watch this video of Mr. Smith saying the things we all want people to know but often aren’t able to get through because we’re immediately bashed as a@%holes by the MTA Press Room.

Keep up with this issue on the Courier - also check out our City Councilmember John Mirisch on Huffington Post.

6 Responses to “MTA’s Character Assasination of Beverly Hills Obscures Truths”

  1. shannoncolleary Says:

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    I love your passion. I would not tunnel under you!

  2. @Eva_Smith Says:

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    Absolutely not! So sad that they want to tunnel under the high school. Hopefully they'll find another route.

  3. Jamie Says:

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    Seriously!? That is ridiculous. That subway should never be built under a school. Or through Beverly Hills for that matter.

  4. Wendy Says:

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    I can't really add an intelligent comment here. All I can say is why build a subway, no one in Los Angeles will use it anyway. Am I wrong?

  5. beverlyhillsmom Says:

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    I would, if it were safely constructed and safe to ride. How awesome to be able to take the subway to the sea, right? It's just that there's no plan to the sea. The current final destination is Westwood. Right now, anything connected to the managing company of the railways ( remember deaths in Chatsworth due to a texting engineer?) is not trustworthy, in my opinion.

  6. Donna Says:

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    After the natural gas explosion under the Ross store on 3rd (also because of those same oil deposits), my instinct is to agree with you. Must ask geologist husband what he thinks.