About the Beverly Hills Mom

Published on Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

My name is Alexandra, and I am a Beverly Hills Mom.

I came to Beverly Hills in 1997 to have a grand career in interior design. While reaching that goal, I found the man of my dreams and we have a precious child and live together in one of the style capitals of the world. I love living in Beverly Hills not just for the beautiful weather, homes and lawns, terrific police, fire department, world class services, and great public schools, where competent people run things and stand guard of the village. I see it through the eyes of a Southern girl who grew up seeing movie stars and the iconic Beverly Hills, and love the nostalgic and campy side of Beverly Hills. As an interior designer with happy, satisfied clients from the West Hills to the Platinum Triangle, I have seen a thing or two. I have a few stories.

And now my own Critter is going to grow up in the neighborhood that I used to wonder about watching it in the movies … will life imitate art? Or will art imitate life? Join us on our own version of the Beverly Hillbillies, as we embark upon:

* new things I think are fabulous
* stories from my funny and talented friends
* updates on Louis XIV of Beverly Hills
* progress reports on my latest creative endeavors
* kid stuff that the Critter and I try for fun
* odd occurrences that probably wouldn’t happen if I didn’t live in the “Cannes of The United States”
* current events that strike me as noteworthy

Thank you for reading – I welcome your comments and hope you’ll share this blog with others who are curious to know what it’s like to go from the Sex and the City life to Real Housewife and to still keep it real.

22 Responses to “About the Beverly Hills Mom”

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  2. Kit Says:

    Visit Kit

    Love this….finally took some time to read through it. U are talented I must say. We miss you.


  3. ruth ann LEE Says:

    Visit ruth ann LEE

    Alexandra, SURPRISE!! Beth Bush Irish called me last night and told me where you were and what you are doing. You sound as though you are as busy as Iam, now with 5 little ones under 8!! How is youe mom? Let me hear from you and love always! Ruth Ann

  4. lizzie Says:

    Visit lizzie

    I love the variety of your blog! You and the critter really get around! You make it all sound like so much fun, makes me want to go to those places!

  5. H Beverly Anderson Says:

    Visit H Beverly Anderson

    We are missing you in Mississippi,but keeping up with the family though pics,which are wonderful.Mr. Marty and Mr. Anderson are looking good!! Bev

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  8. Ashley Wagner Says:

    Visit Ashley Wagner

    Dear Alexandra,

    I was drawn to your website as I have a love for all things bright and beautiful. I too appreciate photography and graphic design. Are you in need of an artistic assistant? What also perked my interest was that you were from New Orleans. I am seeking opportunities to work with women in shelters in the area as I feel that they are impacted greatly by the disasters that have affected their homes. How awesome would it be to minister to the ladies through interior design?
    Wow, anywho- just a thought…I’m from Portland, OR. and am a student gone wild as I love to travel and create a sense of grace throughout my transient gypsy life.

    To good things,
    Ashley :)

  9. Cynthia Says:

    Visit Cynthia

    Fun reading! I'm BHMom and figure we have a few things in common except I have a few more wrinkles and gray hair! My boys have grown up here and I'm happy to report, they aren't Beverly Hills brats…just occasionally pains in the tush.

    See you around the 'hood…

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  11. Sean Gilmore Says:

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    Hi Alexandra

    First off, I've lived and worked around Beverly Hills and Westside forever, and I have many young and hip mom friends who read your blog regularly!

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  12. AnDYY H Says:

    Visit AnDYY H

    I love the variety of your blog! You and the critter really get around! You make it all sound like so much fun, makes me want to go to those places!

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