FAQs of working with Beverly Hills Mom

Published on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

BeverlyHillsMom developed as the result of Alexandra Anderson Bower’s evolution from Beverly Hills interior designer to Beverly Hills lifestyle expert / mompreneur in the premiere international city. What started as a way to share all the visual eye candy in her experiences as a mother and a creative professional, BeverlyHillsMom now has over six hundred fifty thousand visitors yearly, solidifying Alexandra and BeverlyHillsMom as a premiere site on the web for a slice of real Beverly Hills lifestyle.

Known as local maven and described as “an authentic voice” by a major brand strategist, Alexandra creates narrative and visual stories that feature the brands she loves. Content on BeverlyHillsMom is primarily generated by brands inviting Alexandra and/or her family to experience them. Alexandra loves to share brands she loves. Brands based and sold in Beverly Hills, Entertainment media brands, and Interior Design are invited to discuss strategies to promote their brand through Alexandra’s influence and sharing with her readers. Alexandra’s opinion is trusted and careful attention is paid to curating information in her posts – Alexandra has and will choose not to promote a brand or product that she does not truly advocate.

Alexandra’s sponsors can benefit by her many daily interactions and social media, including but not limited to:

Brand Ambassadorship
Event hosting
Sponsored video blog posts
Mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
Marketplace – working on it!

Alexandra tailors rates and strategies from a single sponsored tweet to a full multi media attack – contact information for her for availability is here. Alexandra’s most important job is being a mom, so please allow at least 48 hours for response.


Q: Does BeverlyHillsMom have a disclosure statement?
A: Yes, and here it is: If you are reading a post on BeverlyHillsMom, note that often brands mentioned have provided services for Alexandra at no cost or have hired her via sponsorship. Alexandra only posts about brands she actually likes and uses and believes that her readers trust her judgment about brands she advocates.

Q: What is BeverlyHillsMom’s blog about?
A: Anything that connects the points of kids’ books and entertainment, luxury style and design, family and Beverly Hills. Particularly of interest are brands that espouse all three.

Q: Is Alexandra still available for interior design services?
A: Yes, and she also has a great network of partners for all kinds of interiors and budgets

Q: Does Alexandra’s Critter have a nanny?
A: No,but she has a really awesome housekeeper

Q: Should I send my product to Alexandra for a review?
A: Alexandra doesn’t do formal “reviews” in the sense that has become traditional in recent years. Sponsors benefit most by allowing Alexandra to report her experience using products and services woven into any or all of BeverlyHillsMom’s outlets and she has no formal rating system. Alexandra will not be held responsible for the return or upkeep of any product or service that is sent to her without written consent.

Q: Will Alexandra write about my event?
A: Possibly, but only if she attends the event.

7 Responses to “FAQs of working with Beverly Hills Mom”

  1. Tiffany Huddleston Says:

    Visit Tiffany Huddleston


    I recently came across your site when searching for those with an influence on Beverly Hills Celebrity Fashion. I am a writer for the Examiner in would be interested in interviewing you for a story.

    Your time would be greatly appreciated and this is a great opportunity to send traffic to your website as I will link your website to the article and there is heavy promotion via social networks including Twitter and Facebook in addition to bookmarking.

    Feel free to reply via email or give me a call at 424-245-5419.


    Tiffany Huddleston-Marts
    Beverly Hills Celebrity Fashion Examiner
    huddleston.tiffany@gmail.com http://www.examiner.com/celebrity-fashion-9-in-lo

  2. beverlyhillsmom Says:

    Visit beverlyhillsmom

    just sent you email 😉

  3. Christina Shiachi Says:

    Visit Christina Shiachi


    We are an online children's boutique that dresses ages 0-6 years old. We would love to have you blog about us and would also love to send you some items for any little ones in that age range. Let me know if we can find a way to introduce you to our company and potentially advertise or have you blog about us. Our site is http://www.milanandoz.com

    Thank You,
    Tina S.

  4. Harry Dixon Says:

    Visit Harry Dixon

    Hi Alexandra,

    My name is Harry Dixon, co-founder of Bypass (www.gobypass.com) a routing application created to keep everyone safe by directing them around high crime risk areas (think of 'Waze' for safety). I am hoping we can work together to post an article on the application to help keep more families aware and safe when in LA.

    A bit about the Bypass app to help you understand what we do:
    Bypass is a mobile application aimed at mitigating the public’s exposure to dangerous areas by taking them around high crime risk streets.

    Bypass leverages machine learning, crunching thousands of dynamic data sets, to continually learn from crime reports, seasonal data and the user’s feedback to track how crime areas evolve and to ensure people are being routed the fastest way around real threat areas.

    Bypass operates at a street level granularity not only at a neighborhood level. Bypass takes you the relatively safest route whether you are in a historically dangerous or safe area. Bypass learns whether taking Wilshire Ave at 6pm or Santa Monica Blvd is safest based off crime data, the amount of the street lighting, whether it’s raining, if there was a Lakers basketball game+ many other factors.

    Bypass not only provides a routing feature. Bypass visualizes data to show a heat maps of crime, raw crime data, points of interest (eg shopping centers, hospitals, police stations etc), where public street lamps are (the most well lit areas) as well as the free wifi zones.
    We hope to release a ‘guardian’ feature where you can have your friends or family virtually track your journey home.

    Bypass is keeping users proactively safe rather than reacting to crime.

    Please feel free to reach out if you think its something your readers will benefit from!

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