“Bubbles are crack for kids” – Paul Rudd, from the movie “Knocked Up”

Summer bubbles!

Critter employs the upwind technique :)

Favorite bubble blower this summer: The Junior Billion Bubbles

Then I’ve had the addiction my entire life. I have always loved bubbles, and now that I have The Critter, I have carte blanche in investigating the best bubble blowing tools. Our latest is a battery powered hand held I found at Rite Aid, and it’s awesome! The Critter can operate it by pushing a button, which is great, because he doesn’t exactly have the lip technique down yet for blowing them himself. We spend a lot of the summer afternoons after naptime blowing bubbles in the courtyard and running through the sprinkler.

Want to be a bubble expert? Patricia Jensen, owner of Kids Party Paradise tells you how:

Bubble Recipe Secrets – Ten Tips and Techniques to Making Super Bubbles

Making and blowing bubbles with your kids is one of the most carefree pastimes imaginable – giggles guaranteed! And yet, blowing bubbles without knowing these simple bubble recipe secrets can turn your bubble fun into a “bust”! With these simple bubble recipe secrets, making super-sized long-lasting bubbles is a cinch.

1. Adding glycerin to your bubble mix makes bubbles stronger. Glycerin can be found in your local pharmacy.

2. Use distilled water instead of tap water. Tap water tends to be “hard” and is not good for making bubbles. If yours is “soft”, you have the perfect water for good “bubbleology”.

3. Prepare your bubble solution in advance and store it overnight in the refrigerator before using it.

4. Dry surfaces pop bubbles, so make sure your bubble wand, your hands, and anything your bubble may touch is wet.

5. Let the bubble maker soak in the bubble solution a few minutes prior to using.

6. Clear any suds or foam from surface of mixture before making bubbles. Don’t slosh the wand around in the solution. Suds and foam are “bubble-busters”.

7. Overcast, cool and humid days are the best weather conditions for blowing bubbles. Avoid hot, dry or windy days, or at least find a shady spot out of the wind.

8. “Throw” bubbles, don’t blow bubbles. Move your wand in a slow fluid motion.

9. Many small bubbles instead of one big one means you are probably blowing too hard.

10. Finish your bubble with a quick twist of the wrist to seal it before if flies away.

Adults and kids alike can learn these simple techniques to become expert “bubbleologists”.

Note: Exercise care when children are using bubble mix. It can be very slippery on the ground, and will sting if it gets in the eyes.

Also make sure to check out Bubble Town for great bubble recipes and tricks!

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  1. Richard Says:

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    Not only am I a huge bubble freak, but I am also completely smitten with your garden. Entirely jealous…

  2. aunt bea Says:

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    yeah, me too. i want a toddler, i want that garden, and i want that bubble maker.

  3. Orbit Sprinklers Says:

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    These pictures bring back memories of how fun it was to play with bubbles. I might just have to grab a bubble kit at the store next time I go.