But Archie – what about meeee?

Archie finally pops the question - but who will be the poppee?

I can hardly believe my eyes! Well, if it can’t be me, then – he should go for Betty. But he’ll probably ask Veronica, because, well, she’s totally hot, complete with hot car and daddy’s money!

I just hope that he finally finished high school…

2 Responses to “But Archie – what about meeee?”

  1. Donna Jolly Says:

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    Actually, that’s a good (and funny) point about high school. What kind of message would that send if he’s still in school and getting married? For what it’s worth, I think he will ask Betty (it’s good marketing), or . . . what if he asks a completely different girl? It’s been years since I read Archie, but wasn’t there another one, less popular, kinda geeky? Hmmm.

  2. aunt bea Says:

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    its Betty, I pray!