The Story Pirates at Critter’s Birthday!

I had SO much fun planning the Critter’s birthday this year! I had the good fortune to arrange that the Story Pirates would perform at the party, and can honestly say that I have never been so excited to share something fun and new with our friends and family.

I first saw the Story Pirates in a special performance at the Montage Beverly Hills, and was really enthralled by their work. They are a theater group based out of New York and The Geffen here in LA that performs stories that kids write, and do crazy quick improvisations by letting kids in the audience steer the performance by letting them call out words that turn into the action. You may not know that I am a theater degree carrying theater hater ( i.e., I am sorry that I am busy on the night of your one wo/man show; or I mean, really, Flashdance on Broadway???), and there is not often a performance that I enjoy – call me jaded by so many bad ones. The Story Pirates have revived my faith

So we set up the party: lots of food from Ronis, tons of cupcakes and crazy making sugary sweets, crafts, and games before the show. You have to see the clips above, the pirates really THRILLED everyone, in fact, I am still getting feedback from the Critter’s pals and parents that they had so much fun. I really think that I have peaked – no way to top this next year!

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    The boys had such a great time- My new joke is going to be the" what kind of animal to you never play cards with"

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